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Flying on a private jet is a luxury form of travel and has the ability to completely transform your flying experience.

Flying on a private jet means travelling in style. It’s time-effective, more comfortable, and grants privacy that public forms of transport simply can’t provide. And especially since the pandemic, avoiding busy airport queues, tightly crammed aircraft and the usual stress that accompanies flying has proven especially popular.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of booking a private jet is relatively simple. Although it’s not as easy as going online to buy an airline ticket, the process can be completed via a few emails – or even better, by calling your trusted Aviation Consultant.

But first, you need to know you’re committing to the right jet for your needs.


Allowing you to sidestep the hassles of commercial flights with a simple phone call, our Aviation Consultants stand ready to offer a flight that aligns perfectly with your itinerary, whether for business or leisure.

For the business nomad, a private jet is more than a luxury – it's a tool. It transforms hectic schedules into seamless experiences, turning multiple city hops into efficient day trips. Think less time in queues, and more time in meetings, maybe even squeezing in an extra handshake or two.

Leisure travel, on the other hand, becomes an escapade of convenience and style. Avoiding the usual airport turmoil, a private jet is truly the perfect way to kick of a vacation on a superyacht. Serving as a prelude to an unforgettable yachting experience, a private jet charter will ensure your journey begins on a high note – quite literally.

After calling your Ocean Independence Aviation Consultant, you can expect to be asked the following questions from the charter representative:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Where would you like to depart and return?
  • How many passengers will there be?
  • What size aircraft are you looking for?
  • How much luggage will you have?
  • What is your budget?
Private jet flying

Whilst some of these questions may seem basic, they will be key in ensuring the correct aircraft is chosen, as private jets are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Often, the cheapest and smallest option isn’t always the best for your needs.

The number of passengers may automatically determine the minimum required size of an aircraft. For example, when flying with nine people, a super mid-size aircraft will likely be required, while a group of only two people can easily fit into a light jet.

Luggage is also a determining factor in the size of the aircraft, as certain oversized items like golf clubs, skis, and large suitcases can’t fit in every private jet. Unlike airliners, not all private aircraft have baggage holds and they may require luggage to be stored on board the jet.

But if excessive luggage and large numbers of passengers aren’t an issue, then the size of the aircraft may not factor into your decision. That said, some clients favour the comfort of larger jets, especially on long-distance or overnight flights.

Giving a budget upfront will allow the charter representative to provide the best-suited options for your requirements, so make sure you’re as specific as possible to avoid disappointment.

Determining the safety level of each flight

Not all aircraft are operated at the same levels of safety, as each operator has different standards for their pilots. To ensure a high-quality, safe aircraft and crew, we recommend that Clients ask for the safety ratings of the aircraft, crew, and operator that they're flying on for their own peace of mind.

Safety ratings in private aviation are determined by two main companies: Argus and Wyvern. Having a rating from these companies means that a safety audit has been performed and that flight crews must meet specific criteria to fly under certain safety ratings.

At the very least, Clients should be requesting two pilots for their flights that meet either Argus or Wyvern status.

Booking an aircraft and paying for the charter

Once you’ve shared the necessary information about the trip and requested safety ratings, your Aviation Consultant will provide you with the aircraft options. These will include the type of aircraft, the amenities offered (such as Wi-Fi, television, etc), and the final price. It’s then up to you to choose which option best suits your needs.

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll then be sent a contract to fill out, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the flight, as well as any cancellation or change policies imposed by the company.

Generally, payment is done via wire transfer, but can also be done via a credit card. The method of payment will usually depend on what the company is most comfortable with, especially when working with new Clients.

If any optional extras are requested, including catering or ground transportation, these will be put on the final bill.

What to expect on the day of the flight

The departure facility will often be a private terminal at an airport known as a Fixed Base Operator or FBO. Unlike commercial terminals, FBOs are a warm welcoming reception area with amenities as well as coffee, drinks and snacks.

Once inside, you and your passengers will have to provide the tail number to the front desk representative, who will then connect you with the pilots or flight crew. A line service technician will then take any luggage directly to the plane - it’s important to note that they will often expect a tip for this service, although it’s not required.

After an identification check and quick pre-flight briefing, you are ready to fly.

Private jet car valet

What to expect on the day of the flight

The onboard experience largely depends on the type of aircraft, the optional extras ordered ahead of time, and if a cabin attendant is on board. Most aircraft will offer a complimentary self-serve offering snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

If catering is ordered ahead of time, it will be displayed in the aircraft's galley for you to indulge in. And if a cabin attendant is on board, all food and drinks will be served directly to you and your passengers.

In terms of the entertainment provided, this will vary depending on the aircraft. Larger planes will typically feature DVD and audio systems to help pass the time, and most jets will have available WiFi - but if this is particularly important to you, it’s a good idea to stress that to your charter representative so they can ensure they provide you with the appropriate aircraft.

Onboard private jet

After the flight

If you and your passengers have pre-booked transportation, the arrival FBO will take you through passport control and into the FBO area to await a limousine or private car. An alternative, however, that some clients prefer, is to arrange a taxi, which will be just as convenient and usually cheaper than private transport.

To avoid incurring additional charges, make sure you leave the aircraft in a suitable state, as companies may charge extra if professional cleaning is required after the journey.

For the return flight, your Ocean Independence Aviation Consultant will be on hand and easily contacted if you and your passengers are running late or early.


At Ocean Independence, it’s our mission to ensure you get the luxury that you deserve. Whether for solo business trips or group events - we can help you find, select, and secure the jet you need for the perfect flying experience.

If you’d like to find out more about chartering a private jet for your upcoming travels, please contact us today.

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