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Ocean Independence is devoted to offering effortless yacht sales services. With a global team of expert brokers leveraging cutting edge technology and extensive industry experience, your yacht will be positioned for maximum exposure with active promotion to our international client network.

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Why sell with us A consistent record of success

Our knowledge, experience and network allow us to better market sailing and motor yachts to a wide range of potential clients. Our record of success speaks for itself, with over 500 yachts sold since Ocean Independence was launched in 2005.

  • 500+ YACHTS SOLD

Your own dedicated yacht sales broker

We facilitate the purchase and sale of superyachts everyday. It is at the core of what we do and love. With expert yacht brokers in every part of the world, across 14 strategically located offices, we are local everywhere. From the moment you contact us about selling a yacht, you will receive the attention of a dedicated yacht sales broker. Offering sound and unbiased advice, your consultant will guide you through the selling process, providing you with regular updates, supporting you through negotiations to ensure a timely sale and supervising all the details.

A creative marketing approach

We will actively promote your luxury yacht to our global client network, and have access to an extensive community of international yacht brokers, agents and industry associates. With an in-house marketing team, your dedicated broker will utilise every suitable channel for marketing your luxury yacht to the relevant audience. From social media and YouTube walk-throughs, to bespoke brochures and yacht shows. By managing all aspects of a yacht’s promotion, we ensure both quality and consistency in the marketing of such a valuable asset.

Unrivalled industry experience and networks

Our team of yacht sales brokers have over 30 years' experience in many sectors of the yachting industry, enabling us to have built an exceptional contact list and gain the trust of the entire luxury yachting industry. Combine this with our leading market intelligence tools, and we can guarantee you will maximise your opportunities to complete a successful sale.

We will secure you the best price for your yacht

We pride ourselves on our integrity and transparency, and our reputation speaks for itself. We care about selling your yacht while getting you the right deal and will offer accurate information and impartial advice throughout the negotiation process to ensure that you secure the best possible price for your yacht.

A better sales experience What you can expect when selling your yacht with us

At Ocean Independence, we carefully consider how to best showcase the unique selling points of your yacht. We will position your yacht for maximum exposure through a number of online and offline marketing channels and publications and will actively promote your yacht to our global network.

Your dedicated yacht sales broker will be available at any time convenient to you and will screen all potential buyers on your behalf. Once a buyer has been found, we will advise and support you through the full negotiation process and will monitor all details of the sale until the yacht has been delivered to her new Owner.

Sound, objective and impartial advice Your dedicated yacht sales broker

Multifaceted, professional and informed on every aspect of the sale of a superyacht, your dedicated and highly experienced yacht broker will provide sound, objective and impartial advice to expertly guide you through the sales process. Our global Team encompasses 26 nationalities, 23 languages, and a vast portfolio of expertise. What unites us is our passion for yachting and for excellence.

Enquire about selling your luxury yacht and you’ll get exclusive access to a global network of qualified buyers, industry connections, expert insight, and a marketing strategy tailor-made for your yacht.

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How to sell a yacht A step-by-step guide to superyacht sales

1 Use a broker

You have decided it’s time to sell. Perhaps you are interested in something a little bigger, a new build, or maybe you have decided to jump ship and want to take some time away from the yachting world. Whatever the reason, a good yacht broker will be the difference maker in the sales process. Their connection to qualified buyers and industry expertise ensures that every aspect of the sale is handled with precision and dedication, maximising both the speed and profitability of your transaction.

2 Set a price

Once you have partnered with a yacht broker, it's time to settle on a price, a key step that significantly influences how quickly and profitably you can sell. Your broker and our team of in-house specialists will conduct a detailed valuation based on a combination of factors including the yacht’s age, condition, unique features, as well as a comprehensive market analysis. This analysis includes both current market trends and off-market sales data, ensuring that the price set is not only competitive, but also maximises return on your investment.

3 List your yacht

After setting the price, your broker will develop a targeted marketing strategy bespoke to you and your yacht. Based on what you want to achieve (a fast sale or maximum revenue) we craft detailed marketing packages based on first-hand inspections as well as Captain and crew insights. We target potential buyers through a global network of clients and prospects via direct marketing and broker-to-broker communications. Our multi-channel approach includes brochures, yacht shows, our social media platforms, and bespoke literature to ensure maximum exposure and engagement.

4 Invest in images

An often overlooked element of the selling process, high-quality visuals capture the luxury and experience your yacht offers, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Successful photoshoots work on telling a story, so that people can relate to a set of images depicting the experience on board, rather than focusing solely on the yacht’s aesthetics. Ocean Independence has established relationships with top industry photographers, and videographers who specialise in showcasing yachts at their very best.

5 Consider Events

Exhibiting at yacht shows, luxury events, or hosting open houses is an excellent strategy to enhance visibility and attract potential buyers. Events like the Monaco Yacht Show, and Cannes Yachting Festival are prime venues where yachts are showcased to a discerning audience. Your broker will coordinate all aspects of event participation, from berthing and logistics to on-site representation. By engaging with buyers directly at these gatherings, your broker can effectively promote your yacht’s best features to a concentrated pool of qualified buyers.

6 Location is key

Selecting a location that is easy for potential buyers to view your yacht is crucial. Berthing in renowned yachting hubs like Monaco, Antibes, Palma, or Fort Lauderdale ensures it is easily accessible to potential buyers. These locations are yachting hubs, attracting high traffic of interested parties and facilitating convenient viewings. Placing your yacht in such strategic spots, even if it means changing berths, enhances exposure and desirability, providing a significant advantage in competitive markets, boosting your chances for a fast and successful sale.

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"Hopefully, This Is Not The End Of Our Dealings But Just A Fork In The Road. We Hope To See You All In The Future. Again, Our Sincerest Appreciation For Everything!"

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Find the Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Selling A Yacht Yacht Sales FAQs

Why should I use a broker when selling my yacht?

The number one reason to use a yacht broker when selling your yacht is to save you time and avoid any uncertainty during the sales process. Our knowledgeable yacht brokers have access to a worldwide network of brokerage houses to give your yacht the best visibility. We can take care of every detail of the sales process and offer advice based on years of experience in yacht sales. Cooperation is key, and your broker will manage relationships between all parties involved in the process.

What is the process when selling a yacht?

The first step to selling a yacht is an effective marketing plan to target potential buyers and their associates. Your broker will liaise with the Ocean Independence marketing team to create this plan and will handle all enquiries, as well as scheduling and accommodating viewings. Once a buyer has been found and contracts negotiated, the Ocean Independence team will oversee contracts, sea trials, survey, completion and delivery to ensure a successful sale.

How long will it take to sell my yacht and what are the most important factors to consider?

The amount of time that it takes to sell a yacht varies hugely depending on a number of important factors including price, location, age and condition. Using extensive knowledge of the yacht sales market, your broker can advise on all of these factors in order to best position your yacht for a successful sale. Once a potential buyer has been found, the sales process usually takes from six to eight weeks from contract to completion.

Does Ocean Independence require KYC (Know Your Client) information from me?

Yes, if Ocean Independence is acting as a stakeholder for a sales transaction. KYC is the process used to verify a client’s identity. KYC requires proof of identity and residence. This can be a passport or other government ID and utility bill or similar. Originals or authenticated copies may be provided. The information is only required for the purposes of complying with international Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

How Do I Handle Surveys And Inspections Before Listing My Superyacht For Sale?

Before listing a yacht for sale, having a yacht broker organise the entire process of yacht surveys and inspections performed by qualified professionals is crucial. Including marine surveys, safety inspections, and any other necessary certifications; this not only ensures a yacht is in good condition and any issues are addressed before a sale, but also gives confidence to any potential buyers the yacht is a worthwhile investment.

What Documentation And Certifications Do I Need Before Listing A Superyacht For Sale?

Before listing you yacht for sale, it is important to ensure that all necessary documentation and certifications are in order. This will include the yacht's registration and documentation, safety equipment certificates, and any other relevant certifications required by law or industry standards.

How Do I Attract Serious And Qualified Buyers For My Superyacht?

To attract serious and qualified buyers for your superyacht, it is important to present the yacht alongside a trusted yacht brokerage company in its best possible condition. Providing detailed and accurate information about the yacht's features, specifications, and maintenance record is crucial. Utilising the professional marketing and advertising strategies a brokerage provides will also ensure your yacht is seen by serious and qualified buyers.

How Do I Handle The Transfer Of Ownership And Registration Of A Superyacht?

Sometimes a complex process, the transfer of ownership and registration of a superyacht is best handled by a respected yacht brokerage company experienced in maritime law. The process typically involves the transfer of the yacht's documentation and registration, as well as the signing of a sales contract, and transfer of funds.

Should I Pay For Repairs Or Maintenance Before Listing A Superyacht For Sale?

It is important to address any necessary repairs or maintenance to attract serious buyers. This may include general maintenance such as engine servicing, and sometimes bigger repairs or upgrades to the yacht's systems or amenities.

How Do I Handle The Transfer Of Crew And Staff During A Superyacht Sale?

The transfer of crew and staff during a superyacht sale is handled through negotiations between the Buyer and Seller. It is important to ensure that all necessary agreements and contracts are in place to ensure a smooth transition for the crew and staff. Having a yacht broker knowledgeable in all the details of such contracts represent or advise you throughout this process is highly recommended.

How Do I Handle The Transfer Of Any Included Equipment Or Accessories With My Superyacht?

While some sellers may want to take most of the onboard equipment and accessories to their new yacht, some may be happy to leave everything on board and include them in the sale. During the sale of a superyacht, it is important to clearly define all equipment or accessories that will be included in the sale, and to ensure that they are in good working condition.

What Are Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Superyacht?

Selling a superyacht requires a combination of market knowledge, industry expertise, and attention to detail. By addressing any necessary repairs or maintenance, providing accurate and detailed information about the yacht, utilising professional marketing and advertising strategies, and working with a professional yacht broker, you will increase your chances of a successful sale.

Request a Yacht Valuation

Enquire to discuss your yachting requirements with your local Ocean Independence broker and request a yacht valuation to determine the fair market value of your yacht. Our expert luxury yacht sales team will use their decades of experience to consider every detail of your yacht as well as extensive market intelligence to present a fair price.

Need help or advice?

The yachting journey can be complex with many decisions to be made. Get in touch with Ocean Independence, and one of our specialist consultants will help you make the right choices.

As a truly global company with 14 offices worldwide, we’re available 24/7 to help with any enquiries.

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